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The Cavapoo Profile


Temperament: Cavapoos are good-natured, friendly and intelligent dogs. The can be a little on the hyper side, but absolutely adore human companionship. Cavapoos are well suited for all age groups.


Family Dog: Cavapoos make great family pets for everyone. They are friendly with all age groups, strangers, and other pets.


Shedding: The Cavapoo can shed some depending on the type of coat they have. The Cavalier coat sheds more than Cavapoos with the Poodle coat.


Grooming: Cavapoos require weekly grooming to keep their coat free from knots as it tends to tangle easily. The Cavapoos with poodle coats may require more frequent brushing.  The Cavapoo's coat requires trimming several times a year, how many times depends on the look the owners want.


Training: The Cavapoo is a very intelligent dog that is eager to please their owners. When given gentle, well varied training, Cavapoos learn new commands very quickly. Typically the Cavapoo can be housetrained rather quickly.


Barking: The Cavapoo is not known to be a barker.


Characteristics: The Cavapoo is an energetic, friendly dog that thrives on human interaction. They are very intelligent dogs that can have a somewhat hyper side to them, where also can be very mellow and laid back. Cavapoos like to follow their owner around the house are are always willing to to play or just cuddle in your lap. They also have a curious side and may get into mischief if you don't keep your eye on them. Cavapoos become very attached to their owners.


Exercise: Cavapoos do require daily exercise, most of which can be satisfied by indoor play; however they do enjoy walks and playing outside.


Living Conditions: The Cavapoo makes an excellent apartment dog.


Appearance: The appearance of the Cavapoo can vary depending on the genetic influence of each the parents.


Life Expectancy: The average lifespan of the Cavapoo is 10 to 14 years with some living up to 20 years.


The average lifespan of Cavapoos is 10 to 14 years with some living up to 20 years.

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